About Vermont Vignettes

To all who enter here - welcome! This is a new adventure for me, so come along for the ride and enjoy some scenery and art from the Green Mountains of Vermont.

A few tidbits about me: I'm a Christian; an artist and amateur photographer, wife, mother, grandmother, gardener, and reader. I love children, nature, and all things beautiful created by our loving God. My "day job" is working as a Youth Pastor Assistant in a small country church.
In my spare (?) time, I'm trying to establish an art business from home. A Google search of tax regulations for artists led me to the blog and website of an accountant who specializes in artists. Her blog inspired me to set up my own.

Networking with other artists working from home is one of my goals. If you are an artist operating a home business, I would love to be "net" pals. My work consists primarily of watercolor and photography, with some graphic design projects thrown in. Some of my favorite subjects include landscapes, flowers, bugs, children, animals, and still life. Creative time is limited, dial-up internet service is frustratingly slow, and my computer skills are questionable. This should be a fun learning experience!

So long for now,


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